The Dental Implant Procedure

What To Expect With Teeth Implants In Reno

dental implant procedure for teeth implants with a Reno dentist Sparks NV and Spanish SpringsWhen you come into The Reno Dentist for a dental implant procedure, we’ll make your care our top priority. We want each patient to have an excellent experience and to feel comfortable in our office. Sedation dentistry is available before any dental implant procedure and can help patients achieve a greater level of relaxation and comfort. At our Reno practice, every step of our implant dentistry procedure from diagnosis to restoration can be performed right here in our office. Spanish Springs – Sparks, NV area patients can have their implant placed and restored by the dentist they already know and trust without outsourcing the procedure to another oral surgeon.

The Steps in the Dental Implant Procedure

  1. Before the procedure begins, Dr. Sykes will meet with you and together the two of you will determine the treatment plan that is right for you. During this stage, Dr. Sykes will use a CT scanner and surgical guide to pre-plan your dental implant procedure from start to finish. Our technology will allow us to place your implant with pin-point accuracy and precision.

  2. During your surgical procedure, Dr. Sykes will make sure there is room for the implant before it is placed. Once your mouth is prepped, your dentist will place your implant. For patients who are anxious about this part of the procedure, sedation dentistry is available.

  3. After your implant has been placed, your mouth will be given time to heal, and time for the titanium to fuse with your jawbone.

  4. Once the osseointegration is complete, Dr. Sykes will place the abutment and attach your beautiful, custom-made porcelain crown.

  5. After the restoration is complete, you’ll be able to walk out of our office with a full, beautiful smile.

At our practice, we personalize each procedure to ensure that the treatment will meet each patient’s individual needs. If you have unique needs, we will work to accommodate them, and your dental implant procedure will reflect those changes.

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