Permanent Dentures and Bridges

Denture Implants With The Reno Dentist

Dr. Shane Sykes offers permanent dentures, denture implants, and dental bridges in Reno.Our dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, but did you know that we can also use dental implants to secure permanent dentures and bridges? Losing your teeth can be devastating, but with permanent dentures from The Reno Dentist, patients can share a full, beautiful smile again. Traditional dentures often slip or click out of place at inopportune times, but with permanent dentures, patients can eat, laugh, and smile in public again without concern. At our practice, we offer both implant supported dentures and all-on-4.

Permanent Dentures vs Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures use a dental adhesive to attach your dentures to your gumline. Instead of adhesive, permanent dentures use strategically placed dental implants to secure the denture appliance to your gumline. Like traditional dentures, permanent dentures are completely removable. Unlike traditional dentures, permanent dentures are more secure and will never slip or click out of place during daily activities. Patients with permanent dentures enjoy a more comfortable fit and greater confidence. Our Reno patients love our permanent dentures because they help decrease bone loss and prevent other health problems. With added dental implant support for your dentures or dental bridge, you can enjoy a higher level of oral health and overall wellness. Our implant supported dentures keep Spanish Springs – Sparks, NV area patients healthier and happier.

Get Permanent Dentures in One Day with All-on-4

The All-on-4 treatment uses four strategically placed dental implants to secure your dentures. All-on-4 is an affordable solution for patients with missing teeth, and can help patients achieve a full, beautiful smile again in less time than ever. The entire All-on-4 procedure can be completed in one day. With All-on-4 dentures, patients can walk into our office without teeth and leave the same afternoon with a beautiful, full smile.

Learn More About Permanent Dentures and Dental Bridges in Reno!

To find out more about our permanent dentures, and how dental implants can help secure your dentures or dental bridge, call us at our Reno office today if you are in the are, including Spanish Springs and Sparks, NV. We also provide a full range of restorative dentistry options for our patients, so visit our main Reno dentist website to learn more!