Benefits of Teeth Implants

Dental Implant Options With The Reno Dentist

Using teeth implants, we can give you back your full smile even after you’ve suffered a devastating tooth loss. With a dental implant from The Reno Dentist, you can forget that you ever lost a tooth. Each implant is created specifically for each patient to restore smile beauty, functionality, and health.

Our implants can be used to replace single teeth, but they can also help patients who are missing multiple teeth as well. With dental implants we can create permanent dentures that will never slip or click out of place. Our dental implants allow us to provide Reno and Sparks, NV patients with an excellent alternative to traditional false teeth that require sticky dental adhesive.

Choosing implant dentistry to restore your smile comes with many patient benefits including:

Comfort and Functionality | After the healing period, a dental implant with a porcelain crown will feel as comfortable in your mouth as a natural tooth. With a perfectly placed dental implant, you’ll enjoy a full, comfortable bite and complete tooth functionality. Our teeth implants can also provide greater comfort for patients who require false teeth or dentures. Permanent dentures provide a more secure and comfortable fit and will never slip or click out of place.

Health | When you lose a tooth, the bone underneath the lost tooth can start to deteriorate. Over time, this bone loss can cause other dental problems and create a more sunken facial appearance. Dental implants prevent jawbone deterioration and provide your jaw with the support that it needs to stay healthy and strong. Patients with dental implants look younger and feel better.

Beauty | Each dental implant is restored with a beautiful, custom-made porcelain crown. Our crowns are created specifically for each patient to enhance and improve their smile. We use molds and impressions of your natural teeth to craft crowns that will look and feel great. The people you meet won’t even be able to tell that you ever lost a tooth.

Learn How Dental Implants Can Help You!

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